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Tomatoes Are Our Business!

The following is just a brief description of our favorites. Contact our experienced sales department for an in-depth tomato discussion.

The Round

Round to squat shape with smooth, firm, red skin. Also known as a globe or slicer tomato.

Best usage is in sandwiches or quartered for salads.

On the Vine

A flavorful type of tomato that cooks well. Typically seen in bunches of four to five.

On the Vines are a smaller type of tomato, rarely exceeding a 6x6 size

The Cherry

A great accompaniment on salads. Moderate sugar content.

Smaller fruit size.

The Grape

A great accompaniment on a salad. Sweet in flavor.

Higher sugar content than the cherry variety.

The Roma

Narrow and elongated in shape. The most flavorful of all the tomatoes.

Also known as a plum tomato, Romas have thick meaty walls and small seeds.

The Yellow

Extremely popular among people with acid reflux.

Great for table decorations.