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The Readyripe Watermelon Solution

Innovative Packaging for Fresh Produce


The new readyripe watermelon solution gives sliced watermelon longer shelf life, naturally enhanced quality and convenience for today’s busy consumers.

Challenges with overwrap watermelon programs

  • Very short shelf life. Limits benefit for consumer and potentially increases shrink and waste for retailer.
  • Overwrap packaging leaks in displays and on shelves, creating more work and expense. In addition, the display does not look very appealing.
  • Wicking and purging of product while on display and at checkout.
  • Food safety and product traceability concerns.
  • Retraining staff on proper technique and labor cost.

The readyripe watermelon solution

Our patented pouch keeps sliced watermelon in a naturally enhanced atmospheric environment, optimizing the sweetness and quality of the watermelon slice over an extended period of time. The readyripeTM pouch offers a multitude of features and benefits for both the retailer and consumer.

For the retailer:

✦ Innovation of pouch optimizes the quality and flavor of the watermelon, creating a new high demand offering for the retailer.

✦ Virtually no wicking and leaking from product, resulting in a more desirable appearance.

✦ Attractive design of pouch entices customer to purchase.

✦ This new approach can substantially improve the financial results for the retailer through increased sales revenues and reduced production and clean up expenses.

✦ Extended shelf life allows retailer more production flexibility, reducing costs.

✦ Retailer can also sell consumers watermelon pouches along with whole watermelons, increasing whole watermelon sales.

✦ Promotes year round consumption of watermelon.

For the consumer:

✦ Extended shelf life lets consumer enjoy their watermelon over a longer period of time.

✦ Innovation of pouch enhances the quality and flavor of the watermelon.

✦ The attractively designed pouch is easy to carry and convenient to store.

✦ Resealable pouch makes for mess-free storage for later use.

✦ Consumer can also purchase whole watermelon and use the pouch for the portion that is not immediately eaten.