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Tomatoes Donated by Maglio for Tomato Romp 2015

Tomato Romp is Wisconsin’s only tomato festival, most known for its Rotten Tomato Fight For Hunger. The East Side was the first in North America to create a celebration of the tomato and tomato fight inspired by La Tomatina Fight in Spain. 9 years later it’s now replicated in cities across America. 8,000 pounds of rotten tomatoes are donated by Maglio Companies for the fight, with the fight proceeds donated towards organizations that fight hunger.

Overall the event attracted an estimated crowd of 2,500 to the neighborhood for the day.

Approximately 400 fighters took part in this year's Rotten Tomato Fight For Hunger, raising $4,000 for organizations that fight hunger. The dollars go towards food pantries. In past years, a grant was given to a community garden in a low-income neighborhood - allowing residents there to augment their food supply by growing their own produce (garden rental is on a sliding scale fee but extremely low and it comes with assistance/mentoring/helpers.)

To see photos from Tomato Romp 2015, click here

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