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Helping you execute your produce strategy.

Maglio’s team of produce experts understands the complexities of providing consistent quality and on-time delivery to every location of a multi-unit operation.  With our two Midwestern facilities and dedicated group of partners across the nation, we are uniquely positioned to design systems that not only look good on paper, but are fully executable, scalable and repeatable.  Our goal is to support your growth.

Maglio’s extensive network of growers provides a seamless flow of product throughout the year as well as the necessary connections to procure the highest quality products.  We work to ensure you are never reliant on a single growing area at any given time.

Our foremost focus is on providing multi-unit operators with the knowledge and resources to drive profit and improve performance.  Maglio strives to be the smartest company in the produce business, working hard to help you execute your produce strategy with creative marketing, innovative operations and trustworthy market intelligence.