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Maglio Milwaukee

Maglio utilizes a low-level ozone to
sanitize each produce storage facility.
Our dedicated team of professionals
focus their efforts on product safety.
Food safe conveyors allow for complete
inspection and grading of all products.

Food safety...our top priority

The temperature and humidity of all of our coolers and ripening rooms are kept at an optimum level by our computerized monitoring system 24 hours a day.

Our multiple repack lines, spaced with ample room for handling and sanitation, include stationary and manual tables for sorting, grading and repacking by hand. Numerous conveyor belts and computer controlled packaging machinery provide automatic sorting and packing. The tomatoes pass through our patented triple treatment tomato tunnel for cleaning and sanitation.

Milwaukee, WI

Our Wisconsin facility is 123,000 square feet of food safe environment, including a 21,000 square foot high bay and refrigerated storage building. We have twenty fully equipped dock doors leading to a temperature controlled dock space – ensuring quick unloading and movement to temperature specific storage areas for each commodity. Our process of off-loading into specific temperature areas allows us to maintain the best cold chain possible and in turn provide the highest quality product.

This state of the art facility is equipped with numerous tomato ripening rooms and tomato holding rooms that can accommodate 35 truckloads of tomatoes at any given time.