The Washington Conference

washington-conferenceOn September 12-14, 2016 the United Fresh Washington Conference brought the produce industry to meet with our legislators. It is going to be increasingly important for businesses to make sure that their interests are known to members of Congress and the new Administration. If you didn’t have a seat at the table they you’re probably going to be on the menu.

Looking at the two candidates, Trump will most likely push for tax reform while Clinton will keep rates higher to fund social initiatives. Clinton will be the ‘status quo’ candidate while Trump will bring more change to all aspects.

Immigration will continue to be a hot topic. Trump’s proposed wall at the Mexican border will be too expensive for either side to construct. He will, however, undoubtedly make it tougher for an illegal immigrant to remain in the U.S. The Mexican economy is growing, wages are rising and therefore we currently see a net migration of Mexicans back into Mexico.

There is a plethora of issues facing every business every day. We always need to stay current on how governmental policy will impact our daily operations and our future functioning. Make your voice heard and your opinions known!

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