Old Corrugated Cardboard (OCC)

grainger-maglio-0018While the advent of the Returnable Plastic Container (RPC) brought sustainable fanfare, it appears that the use of corrugated cardboard may provide a better experience for consumers of fresh produce. A study published last year showed that corrugated containers keep fruit and vegetables fresh up to three days longer than RPCs.

New scientific study by Professor Rosalba Lanciotti at the University of Bologna (Italy) shows that microorganisms die much quicker when placed on cardboard surfaces where they get trapped in the paper fibers and die due to a lack of water and nutrients. Conversely, these same bugs survive longer on the slick plastic surfaces.

According to the American paper and Forest Association, in 2015 over 1.3 million truckloads of paper products were recycled. That is a recovery rate of 66.8% of all paper products produced. The Corrugated Packaging Alliance says that almost 93% of OCC was recycled in 2015.

So, what we have once again, is that old methods can prove out to be better for us and our businesses as long as we know and understand all of the detail behind the science and process.

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