022_053_design_graphic_filter_circles_intersection-512If we look at the intersection of what, where and when, we can accurately position our products for consumption.While online shopping is the go-to for many consumers, the practicality of delivering certain goods is beyond the capability of even the best central logistics system.

In the retail world, price parity was the norm. Consumers would not pay more for an item in store than online. However, we are seeing the convenience factor weigh in with order online and pick up in store. Retailers are able to put on a per-order service fee which is often more lucrative than the regular margin made through an in-store purchase. The intersection shrinks to where {convenient to my location} and when {now or, at least, very soon}.

In the food service arena, we are seeing a proliferation of take-out only “express” eateries as a subset of the chain restaurant group. Order online and pick up a short time later (Buffalo Wild Wings, Outback, Carrabba’s). The other trend is delivery from those chain restaurants. McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Portillo’s all use DoorDash to satisfy the convenience demands of their loyal customers.

The paradigm is changing faster than ever before in our memory. The elusive intersection is a moving target; our aim needs to be quick and nimble.

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