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Tomatoes Light Up My Life

tomatoes light up my lifeWho would have ever thought that tomatoes could be a source of electricity? Newsweek recently reported that the 400,000 tons of ‘damaged’ tomatoes grown in Florida each year could provide enough electricity to run Disney World for 3 months. Sounds Goofy (pun very much intended).

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Orange Gate

orangeTolerance is a funny thing. If there is a viewpoint that we agree with, we are likely to tell others to be tolerant if they don’t agree. But let the tables turn and the ‘tolerance’ turns to vehement opposition. Out the window goes the fair, objective and permissive attitude towards opinions, beliefs and practices that differ from one’s own. Read more >

Don’t Be Fooled

DontbefooledIf you listen to the politicians, you would think that here in the US we are on the brink of financial disaster. You hear all about negative economic trends that are all doom and gloom. Let me say that I don’t believe any of it.


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Your Mother Was Right

“Clean yyour motherour room. Wash your hands.” I bet you remember hearing that just like I did. It turns out that her advice is exactly what the food industry needs.

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Try, Try Again

planThe recent announcement of Kroger’s intent to acquire Roundy’s fulfills the underlying goal of a financial owner: build the business and sell it within 5-7 years.  Roundy’s went from a co-op format where member store owners were the owners to a single investment firm owning all of the company. That happened in 2002 at $750 million.

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