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The Graying of Trucking


My father-in-law, Jack, was a truck driver at heart. While he owned several diverse businesses, he always seemed to love trucking. A milk truck in his 20’s, regional transport with 18 wheelers in his 30’s and 40’s, some produce trucking in his 50’s followed by dump trucks in his 60’s and beyond. Today we have data showing that over half of all truck operators are 45 or older.

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School Debate

A local talk show host was overwhelmed with calls when he brought up the topic of breakfast being served at school. The thrust of his argument was not about the cost of the program (that was reserved for another day) – he was driven to talk about parental responsibility. The traditional parental role was to wake Little Tony up, get him dressed, feed him breakfast, pack his lunch and send him off to school. It seems to be changing with more and more governmental intervention provided on the basis that the parents are too stressed to handle parental responsibilities.
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Moving Towards the Center

As the PMA’s Foodservice Conference set attendance records in Monterey California in late July it was apparent that the participants were actively engaged. Sellers were showing their latest innovations and buyers were eager to learn about them. This is in contrast with some other recently conducted events which have seemed lethargic by comparison. Read more >

Maglio Produce | Locanic


Is it Local?  Is it Organic?  Isn’t it both?  That seems to be the confusion with consumers these days- they don’t understand the difference between the various designations that fresh produce gets when marketed.  And really, how could they? Read more >



You don’t usually expect creative ideas out of city government in a ‘rust belt’ region.  I must proudly say that Milwaukee is taking positive steps to mitigate what otherwise could be a serious issue in the low income neighborhoods. Read more >