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Tariff for a Wall: R-E-L-A-X

mexican produceThe beauty of free market competition is the basis for success of the proposed 20% import tariff on Mexican goods. Let’s put aside any political views and look strictly at the economic effect of the proposal. Read more >

The Washington Conference

washington-conferenceOn September 12-14, 2016 the United Fresh Washington Conference brought the produce industry to meet with our legislators. It is going to be increasingly important for businesses to make sure that their interests are known to members of Congress and the new Administration. If you didn’t have a seat at the table they you’re probably going to be on the menu. Read more >

To GMO or not to GMO, That is the Question

GMO artWith bipartisan support, the Roberts-Stabenow Bill passed and is on its way to President Obama for a signature. The bill is intended to bring clarity to the definition and labeling of genetically modified foods. It provides for uniform labeling requirements – rather than a patchwork of state-imposed labeling laws, like the one that went into effect in Vermont on July 1, 2016 Read more >

Water, Where?

square blog pic“Water, water, everywhere” is a quote by English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner published in 1798. Here we are 217 years later and there is still plenty of water–just not everywhere. The ecological system is very much a closed loop; however, the distribution within that loop can change dramatically.

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No California

I’m sure you have heard the tongue-in-cheek prediction that the next big earthquake will cause California to fall into the Pacific Ocean.  While that is highly unlikely, what if California ceased to exist as a source of food?  The drought conditions coupled with the absurd legislative conditions in California are combining to make water unavailable to farmers. Read more >