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grocery-store-2119702_960_720_0Self-Care Cuisine. Not typically three words you hear in sequence but think about them. It is eating with a purpose. An example would be eating garlic as a natural method to maintain a healthy blood pressure. (My father used to eat a raw bulb of garlic each day. That was a difficult time in my life.) Read more >


grocery_store_l1There has been dramatic growth in deep discount food retail locations over the past several years. While the economy appears robust and unemployment is at deep lows, the phenomenon of SAVVY SHOPPING is gaining a toehold.
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Bullying or Protecting

out of stockSeems that Walmart is always in the news. The most recent stories that I have seen involve transportation issues. The first is about late fees and the second is all about exclusivity. Bloomberg estimates that Walmart loses $1 Billion annually from out-of-stock situations in its stores. Read more >

Zap – Read – Pick

sb_us_t_main_Tomato_problems_2015-07-14Researchers never cease to amaze with the variety of new applications for existing technology. Currently at the University of the Basque Country in Spain they are experimenting with lasers to assess when tomatoes are at peak ripeness and ready to be harvested for maximum flavor and nutrient content.

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