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Streetcars to Flying Cars

1940-Main-St-streetcar-No-201The city fathers in Milwaukee, WI pushed hard to get $69 million in Federal funding for a $128 million streetcar project. Milwaukee had streetcars in the late 1800s through 1950. Read more >

Leggo My Eggo


Those millennials continue to perplex the marketing gurus!  First it was the death of diamonds, then it was the end of golf.  It now turns out that millennials are supporting both industries with great enthusiasm.  Read more >


022_053_design_graphic_filter_circles_intersection-512If we look at the intersection of what, where and when, we can accurately position our products for consumption.While online shopping is the go-to for many consumers, the practicality of delivering certain goods is beyond the capability of even the best central logistics system. Read more >


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Alignment used to be limited to the front wheels on your car. Today the term describes unusual changes in retailer behavior trying to be at the intersection of consumer wants, product location and time. Read more >

Digesting Whole Foods

170616141515-amazon-whole-foods-jeff-bezos-grocery-brick-and-mortar-00001001-1024x576It has taken me a while to digest the Amazon play for Whole Foods. There was so much hype and speculation at the time of the announcement that I couldn’t focus. Read more >