emploee leavingRemember when turnover was a tasty treat that your grandmother made when your family gathered for a visit? Today you say turnover within earshot of a business manager and they cringe. The pundits say we have a labor crisis – I disagree. We have a turnover crisis. Read more >


grocery-store-2119702_960_720_0Self-Care Cuisine. Not typically three words you hear in sequence but think about them. It is eating with a purpose. An example would be eating garlic as a natural method to maintain a healthy blood pressure. (My father used to eat a raw bulb of garlic each day. That was a difficult time in my life.) Read more >


022_053_design_graphic_filter_circles_intersection-512If we look at the intersection of what, where and when, we can accurately position our products for consumption.While online shopping is the go-to for many consumers, the practicality of delivering certain goods is beyond the capability of even the best central logistics system. Read more >


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Alignment used to be limited to the front wheels on your car. Today the term describes unusual changes in retailer behavior trying to be at the intersection of consumer wants, product location and time. Read more >